We have all heard the stories. We all ask the same questions at car shows. Where did you find it? Was it in a field? Did you spot it on a back road? Was it on some two lane stretch of asphalt in the middle of nowhere? That is rarely the case these days. Most of those cool locations have been replaced. For most of today's restoration stories you need to swap "cruising back roads" for "cruising eBay", and "barn find" for "craigslist find". Don't get me wrong, it doesn't matter "how" you found your dream project, it only matters THAT you found it.

The world we live in has changed. Record stores, book stores, just Mom and Pop stores in general have all but gone away. It has been hard to compete in the world of big corporations. Magazines and newspapers have gone paperless. Music has gone digital. Everything seems temporary and a little less special.

That is not true for my hot rod buddies. God love you! You still like to work with your hands. You are not looking for a cheap plastic disposable modern everyday car. You would much rather breathe new life into a big metal and chrome beast half a century old or better. What do most hot rod guys think of digital magazines? Who needs them? I have never heard a guy excitedly exclaim, "My car was in a magazine. Let me get my iPad and show you!" Nope, you want to pull out that magazine and show it to your friends. Buy copies for your family and all the friends that helped you build it. You guys are the ones I make this magazine for.

I have taken pride in bringing you the stories you may not be seeing other places. We here at the magazine have spent a lot of time with the legends that came before us. The ones that have shown us the way. We have been bringing these stories to you and have so many more to come. There are many guys that have done so much for the hobby and rarely, if ever, get noticed. These guys do what they do not because it is cool, but because they have to. It is in their DNA. These people inspire me and it is my privilege to shine some light on them, the work they have done, and the lives they have lived. I stand behind something I have always said. There is no better group of people than those in the hot rod and custom communities. The majority of them are real, down to earth, honest, and hard working people. Most are happy to lend a hand and are charitable to their core. They make up some of my closest friends and some of the best people I know.

To all of you that get what this magazine is about, I thank you. I have no corporate suits to answer to. I have no one telling me I need to cheapen out on the paper and ink quality for the bottom line. Nobody telling me it is time to send the printing to China like everyone else. I feel an obligation to each and every reader to continue to bring you stories you want to see. To constantly strive to make each issue better than the last, and as long as my name is on the magazine, we will always be printed in the U.S.A. Don't you think an American car magazine should be?


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